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Al Qassam website- Famous WikiLeaks website revealed on Sunday November 28th a shameful documents exposing the dirty role of Abbas, the senior leader of Fatah movement and the Egyptian government in the Zionist war on Gaza 2008-2009.



WikiLeaks revealed that Zionist occupation forces (ZOF) has cooperated with Abbas and Egypt before the Zionist war against the Palestinian people in Gaza.



Most of the documents simply confirm reports previously published in media by Hamas and Palestinian media sources, but the significance of the leaked cables is that they offer hard evidence.



It is generally assumed that Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, would be happy with any Israeli action that would weaken Hamas.



Documents of WikiLeaks explained why Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas was silent during the Zionist war on Gaza in 2008-2009.



In telegrams to U.S. deputy ambassador Luis Moreni, Occupation Minister Ehud Barak “explained that the GOI [government of Israel] had consulted with Egypt and Fatah prior to Operation Cast Lead (war on Gaza), asking if they were willing to assume control of Gaza once “Israel” defeated Hamas.”



Barak added that the answers were “not surprisingly” in the negative. The crowded and poor Gaza region has been considered an unwanted area even before the Six-Day War in 1967 when it was part of Egypt, which happily refused offers to take it back, WikiLeaks revealed.



All previous evidences provided by the Hamas movement relating to Zionist war on Gaza confirm that Abbas authority and Egypt were aware of the Zionist war that what so-called “Israel” intending to wage against the innocent people in Gaza at that time.



No doubt that Egypt and Abbas played an essential role in consulting the Zionist occupation who committed bloody massacres against the civilians in Gaza, and now their hands are stained with the blood of the Palestinians in Gaza.



Source: Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades – Information Office.

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